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Flat Rate Promo

Flat rates for sending the packages across USA can now be availed. To avail these fixed rates, you can select the 'Fixed Price' package option from the 'Send New Package' screen.

Qualifying for a Flat Rate

You can qualify for a Flat Rate if your box is smaller than 0.5 cubic feet weight is up to 20 lbs. You can refer to the following table for box dimensions and weight allowed for this fixed price promo.
- Weight up to 20 lbs is allowed.
- No dimension should be bigger than 18".

Unlock Flat Rate in Shipd App

You can unlock a flat rate for yourself by selecting the select the 'Fixed Price' package option from the 'Send New Package' screen.

A tip and progress bar will assist you in unlocking the Flat Rate for your package. The progress bar will indicate what price bracket your package falls under and the tip will help you unlock the flat rate.

After selecting the 'Fixed Price' option, you can enter your package dimensions.

After you enter your package dimensions, you will see one of three progress bars fill up with a tip. You can adjust your box size depending on the tip to unlock a cubic rate. As you can see in the above picture, the customer has unlocked the $11.99 rate for their package.

Your package will fall in any given three prices. You can refer to the table above to have an idea of where your package will fall.

Understanding the Tips

The tips help you to send the perfect sized box. You will see the tips dynamically change on any package dimension you enter. The purpose of the tips is to help you send the biggest box within a price bracket.



As seen in the above image, the tip is telling the user that they can send a bigger box for the same price of $11.99 hence signaling the user to increase the box size just a little bit.
Now when the dimensions are perfect for the $11.99 flat rate, the app will tell the user that they have the perfect sized box for this.

The tips work the same way for all three price options offered within the fixed price promo.

You can press the Fetch Price button to take you to the checkout screen after you have selected your box dimensions.