Generating postage label for packages with the Shipd app

Generating postage labels for packages with the Shipd app.

Entering Addresses

  1. Log in to your Shipd App
  2. On the Homepage tap on Send
  3. Tap on the ‘+’ icon on the lower left of your screen
  4. You will be routed to the details screen, to enter all the necessary information.

Entering Sender Address

  1. Your address will be pre-filled if you have it added on the app
  2. You can change your address by clicking on the ‘Shipping from’ box
  3. If you have addresses added in the app, you can select them from a list that will be displayed
  4. If you haven’t added any address, click on the ‘Add new address’ box
  5. Once you add your address, you will be routed to "shipping from" screen where you can save you address by clicking on the "Save Button".

Entering Recipient Address

  1. If you have sent packages before, you can select any recent recipients from a drop-down list
  2. You can also add new addresses or select from contacts.
  3. Tap on from contacts to select a previous recipient if you have added in the app
  4. To add a new recipient address simply click on ‘Add new’
  5. On the ‘Add New Receiver’ screen you can enter all required recipient details
  6. Enter Recipient name and email address by clicking on the on-screen boxes
  7. Click on ‘Address’ field to start typing your recipient address
  8. Confirm your recipient address and it shall bring you back to the ‘Add new receiver’ screen
  9. Tap on the phone number box to enter the phone number and complete your recipient details
  10. Press the ‘Add new Contact’ button to add the new receiver and go back to the main Send Package screen

Enter Package Details:

  1. On the main Send Package screen choose one of the three available package options
  2. You can either choose either ‘Envelope’, ‘Custom box’ or the ‘Flat rate box’ options
  3. Press on the ‘Envelope’ picture and a drop down shall prompt you to enter your package weight
  4. Simply enter the weight and the box shall change to your package details prefilled in
  5. If you want to change the ‘Package details’ simply tap on the package details box again and you can select different options now
  6. Press on the ‘Custom Box’ image to enter your box dimensions and weight
  7. You can either enter size and weight details manually or select the ‘Measure in AR’ option.

Measure in AR Option:

  1. After clicking on the ‘Measure in AR’ option, your camera view shall be opened.
  2. To measure the size of your box, simply press the camera button and scan around the box’s three sides
  3. Red dots shall appear around your box signifying the measurements being made
  4. After capturing three sides of the box simply lift your button from the camera button and the app shall return you the measurements of the box

Signature Confirmation & Description:

  1. After entering your package details, you can add extra options to your package
  2. You should see a toggle for ‘Signature Confirmation’ by turning this on you are implying that your recipient signature is needed to complete the delivery.
  3. You can add description on your package for your recipient and even attach some images as well
  4. After entering all the optional details, you can press on the ‘Fetch Price’ button and that shall return you your shipping options for your package

Shipping Speed Screen:

  1. On the shipping speed screen, you shall be given options from different carriers for your package
  2. The list shall show the fastest options first
  3. You can click on the ‘fastest’ button and choose sort options
  4. You can either Sort by ‘Fastest’ or ‘Lowest Price’
  5. After making the selection of your desired package you shall be taken to the ‘Review Order’ screen

Review Order Screen:

  1. On the Review Order Screen, you shall be given a summary of your order which shall include
  • Your Selected Shipping Option
  • Your Credit/Debit Card Information
  • Promo Code Box
  1. You can change your shipping options by tapping on the shipping speed box and selecting your desired option
  2. If you have multiple cards added in the app, your default credit card shall be selected for the transaction
  3. You can change your card by tapping on the credit card box and choosing your desired card
  4. If your desired card is not visible, you can add a new credit card for your Label purchase by clicking on the ‘Add New Card’ box
  5. After selecting your desired card, you shall be taken back to the ‘Review Your Order’ screen
  6. You can also apply a promo coupon (if you have one).
  7. If you enter a promo code, the app should check its validity
  8. If the promo code is valid the box should turn green, and a checkmark shall appear on the screen
  9. If the promo code is not valid, then the box shall turn red.
  10. After making sure all the details are correct, you can press the ‘Buy Now’ button
  11. After pressing the ‘Buy Now’ button, the app shall generate a label for your package based on all the details you entered.
  12. You can either print your label right away by pressing ‘Print Your Label’
  13. You can also save your label if you want to print it later on by pressing on ‘Done’

Once you add your address, you will be routed to the "shipping from" screen where you can save your address by clicking on the "Save Button"


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