How do I add multiple recipients?

You can add more than one recipient in bulk by using the 'Upload CSV' feature from the web dashboard.

To add recipients in bulk via CSV upload option, follow the steps given below:

1. Click on 'Recipients' from the side menu of the web dashboard.

2. Click on the 'Add New' button and select 'Upload CSV' from the dropdown menu.

3. Next, you can just upload your recipient CSV by pressing the "Upload New CSV" button. You can also download our CSV template to get an idea of the data you can upload into Mailroom.

Note: The 'Name' and 'Email' fields are required fields in your CSV so we can notify your recipients of their packages.

4. Once you have clicked on 'Upload new CSV'. From the 'select locations' dropdown menu, choose the building for which the recipient data is being uploaded.

5. Drag the respective file containing the recipient data into the 'Upload CSV' drag box and then click on 'Upload'. You can also click on the box to browse for a file.

6. On the 'Mapping' section, we will automatically map the 'Name' and 'Email' columns in your CSV file to the columns in our Database. You can simply select what database column you want to map your CSV column.

7. Successfully mapped columns will turn blue with a checkmark. If a column cannot be mapped to your choice, it will turn red with a cross. We do this to avoid uploading numbers to name fields etc.

8. On the 'Review' tab, any errors detected in certain entries on your CSV will be highlighted. You can choose to fix these issues and then upload your CSV file or you can also skip uploading the entries with errors and Continue.

9. Next, you can choose to either Merge or Overwrite your CSV.

  • Merging will add the entries to the already existing ones. Overwriting will replace all entries with new entries from the file.
  • Once you select your desired option, click on 'Continue' to finish uploading, after which your recipients should start showing up. 



In case of any difficulty, reach out to us at and we will be glad to assist you.