How do I Customize Notification Templates?

You can customize the information present in email notifications sent out to your recipients from the building information section of the web dashboard.

To customize and set up your own notification email templates, follow the steps provided below:

1. Click on 'Locations' from the side menu of the web dashboard.

2. Select the desired building for which you need email templates customized. You can also search for your building by clicking on the Frame 5234 icon next to the 'Name' column. 

3.  Once in the building details section, scroll down to the 'Notification Template' panel and select the email for which you need to change the template, for example, the 'Notify Template'.

4. On the 'Template Editor' section, you can upload your own logo. You can also edit the text that is sent out in these emails by typing your personalized text in the 'Subject' (Which will be the subject line of the email), 'Headline', and 'Body', fields. 

5. You can also use different dynamic system variables in your text like your 'Location Name', 'Recipient Name' etc. 

6. Once you have made all your required changes, you can press the 'Save' button to save your email template. 


Note: If you ever need to reset the notification template, simply click on the 'Reset' button to revert the template to factory settings. 

In case of any difficulty, reach out to us at and we will be glad to assist you.