How do I print a custom label?

PackageX Receive users can print custom labels from the app, which can then be downloaded for printing.

To print a custom label, follow the steps provided below:

1: Go into the settings section by tapping on the  a997bc69-91ad-487c-8386-265c7075a9fc  icon at the top left of the 'Check Out' section. 

2: Tap on 'Custom Print Labels'.

3: On the 'Custom Label Template' screen, you can preview your label. You can also select the label size and label information by tapping on the respective menus.

4: Once you have customized the label as you require, tap on 'Continue' to save the label. 


Note: The PackageX Receive app will search for a wireless connection to a printer to print your custom label.

In case of any difficulty, reach out to us at and we will be glad to assist you.