How to add an address?

Add your most frequenting used addresses to your account

Follow the below steps to add an address:

  1. Tap on the two dashes in the top left corner to access Settings

  2. Tap on Addresses
  3. Tap on Add New Address
  4. Tap on Address field and type in your address
  5. Select your address from the list of addresses
  6. Add additional informational such as apartment number or other info
  7. Tap on Continue
  8. Tap on address to confirm
  9. Tap on Add New Tag to give a name to the location
  10. Type in name for the new location and tap on Confirm
  11. New location will be added successfully

The same process can be followed to add a new location for shipper or recipient of the package during the process of generating a label.

In case of any difficulty, reach out to us at, we will be glad to assist you.