How do I change my plan?

You can view and change your payment plan from the web dashboard.

To change your plan, follow the steps provided below:

1. Click on 'Settings' from the side menu of the web dashboard.

2. Click on 'Plan & Billing'.

3. Click on the 'Change Plan' button under the 'Your Plan' section.

You can view and compare different plans on the 'Compare Plans' screen, switch between monthly and yearly views by clicking on the tab at the top, and select the number of estimated deliveries per year by adjusting the slider at the top. 

4. Once you have decided on a plan, click on the 'Contact Sales' button to switch to get in touch with someone from our Sales Team - who will guide you further in the process.


Note: You can switch between all plans while on your trial period of 14 days.
However, once payment has been processed for a selected plan (e.g. Premium Plan), it would not be possible to switch to a plan with a lower tier (Basic). 
You can switch to a higher tier plan (Enterprise), for which you will be charged pro-rata. 

In case of any difficulty, reach out to us at and we will be glad to assist you.