How do I find details for an item?

You can search for the item details of any package that has been scanned into PackageX Receive from the web dashboard.

You can search for any detail that is associated with the package using the search bar, it will also search for any text that was detected on the label.

To do an item search, follow the steps provided below:

1. Click on 'Items' from the side menu of the web dashboard. 

2. Click on the item thumbnail to bring up its item details.

Note: You can take various actions on the item from the 'Item Information' panel such as marking the item as picked, reminding its recipient, or discarding the item. 

You can also perform an Advanced Search for your items by following the steps provided below:

1. Click on the 59c608e6-4796-4f60-8ad6-62ab53f26411 icon next to the search bar in the 'Items' section to bring up the 'Advanced Search' pop-up window. 
2. Select the desired information you wish to search for by selecting it from the drop-down menu for various filters.

3. Click on 'Apply Filter' to search.

Note: You can also reset your filters by clicking on the 'Reset Filter' button at the bottom.

In case of any difficulty, reach out to us at and we will be glad to assist you.