How to Scan Outbound Items?

You can keep a record of all the items going out from the mailroom by scanning them using the 'Outbound' mode.

Recipients in your building can also send out items and you can keep a record of them by checking them into the mailroom, before handing them out to the courier. 

To scan outbound items, follow the steps given below:

1. Tap on the shutter icon icon at the bottom center.

2. Tap on the Switch collector icon on the top right and select 'Scan Outbound'.

3. Scan the item label that the recipient wants to send out

When the app has successfully picked up the name of the recipient who wants to send an item out of the building, it will move the item to the complete tab in the pending section of the app.

4. Tap on 'Notify' to check in the item and send a notification to the recipient that the item has been received at the mailroom.

Items can be checked out of the building when the representative of the courier arrives at the front desk to pick up the items. All items that are scanned using the outbound mode can be accessed under the outbound tab in the 'Items' section.

5. Move into the Items section of the app and tap on the Outbound tab.

6. Tap on the item that needs to be checked out.

7. Choose the courier whose representative has arrived to collect the item.

8.  Tap on 'Dispatch' to move to the 'Collect Signature' screen.

9. Type the name and collect the signature from the courier representative and tap on 'Done'. A notification will be sent out to the recipient that their item has been dispatched from the mailroom.

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