How to view item details from the app?

You can view item details such as the carrier name, tracking number, as well as other options for items from the app.

Item details can be accessed from the 'Check Out', 'Items', and 'Pending' sections of the app. 

Pickup Flow:

1. Tap on a recipient whose item details you want to view from the 'Check Out' section of the app. You can also search for the recipient using the search bar. 

2. Tap on an item from the recipient's item list to view its details. 

Pending Flow:

1. Tap on an item from the 'Pending' section of the app to view its details.

2. You can edit details like item location, item type, item labels and add notes for the item from the details section. 

Items Flow:

1. Tap on the 'Items' icon at the bottom to go to the item section of the app.

2. Tap on an item from the list to view its details. You can view outbound item details by tapping on the 'Outbound' tab. 

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