Mailroom Update – 13th November 2020

Summary of the new features and updates

Mailroom Release - 13th November (Q420R2.0)


  • Updated following terms across the app to keep things simple and easy to understand 

    • Package is now called “Item” and refers to any letter, envelope or parcel / package  

    • Member is now called “Recipient” and refers to intended receiver  

    • Business is now called “Group” and refers to the business/department etc. to whom the mail is addressed 

    • Office is now called “Unit” and refers to the address to which the item must be delivered 

  • Ability to search for carrier in the carrier selector dialog box 

  • Added confirmation popup on switching scan mode 

  • Added limit on reminders that can be sent out

  • Ability to delete a user from the Dashboard

  • User reset password login flow
  • Ability to mark items as picked in bulk from dashboard
  • Ability to delete packages in bulk from Dashboard
  • Ability to "Mark as Picked" or "Discard" a SCAN-OUT package from the Dashboard
  • Ability to click on "carrier breakdown" and "scan details" section to view packages
  • Information Bubble on CSV Upload flow
  • CSV Upload flow revamp